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Sports Massage-

A combination of sports stretching, deep tissue, and Swedish massage are used on muscles involved in the sport that may be hindering the athlete from optimal performance. Athletes of all levels can benefit from this.

Deep Tissue-

Focused attention and deep pressure are used on troubled areas. Elbows and fists are often used to apply such pressure in order to impact deeper layers of muscles tissue. This method is often used by athletes and people recovering from injuries (after healing has occurred) to speed us the recovery process).

Body Method Insight-

Method used to correct posture and help the body find balance. It is a form of neuromuscular therapy (NMT- correct muscle dysfunction on a neurological level) in which the client will actively move the muscle in the designed way while the therapist applies strong pressure. This allows the system to “remember” its design and go back to its original function.

Hot Stone-

Smooth, warm/hot stones are placed on muscles to help relax and sooth them. The stones are also used to massage your body. Very relaxing and invigorating!


Swedish Massage-

Long, smooth strokes of light to medium pressure enhance relaxation, stress relief, and help rid the body of toxins and tension.


These massage techniques can be used in combination or individually during a session. Just remember to actively express what it is you are looking for and give feedback as to how much pressure you desire.

“Raquele provides a relaxing, professional environment. She has helped me improve flexibility as well as keeping me going in my active lifestyle. She is great at accommodating my busy schedule” Bryan

“Having been a lucky recipient of twice monthly massages this past year, I am thrilled to have found Raquele for my therapist. She has been instrumental in my recovery from an invasive surgery and is a delight in both personality and professionalism. A rare find!” Toni

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every massage I’ve had with Raquele. She’s professional, experienced, and always a joy to be around…even if only for one hour.” Kerri Block

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